On View:
Fritz Wotruba
Standing Figure (Stehende), 1948
James Wolfe
Untitled, 1969
Isaac Witkin
Masai, 1969
Isaac Witkin
Shogun, 1968
Isaac Witkin
Kumo, 1971
Birth of Aphrodite
Isaac Witkin
Birth of Aphrodite, 1977–78
Angola II
Isaac Witkin
Angola II, 1968
Isaac Witkin
Reunion, 1969
Abstract Mother
Alice Winant
Abstract Mother, 1970
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work II
Mia Westerlund Roosen
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work II, 1980
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work III
Mia Westerlund Roosen
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work III, 1980
Creation of Eve No. 3
Elbert Weinberg
Creation of Eve No. 3, 1966
Paul Waldman
Untitled, 1967
Loops V
Gerald Walburg
Loops V, 1971–72
Theodore Waddell
Two Part Piece, 1969
Frieda Vredaparis
Lodestar, 1964
Easter Island Head, (reproduction) 1970
William Tucker
Untitled, 1968
Ernest Trova
Gox #4, 1975
Lee Tribe
King, 1986
Tomonori Toyofuku
Untitled, 1962
Michael Todd
Parenthetical Zero, 1970–71
Erwin Thorn
Untitled, 1961
Sarah Sze
Fifth Season, 2021
George Sugarman
One, 1975–77
David Stoltz
Owo, 1972
David Stoltz
River Run, 1972
David Stoltz
Maquette for Day Game, 1972
Jan Peter Stern
Helix, 1968
Michael Steiner
Grand Dore, 1969
Michael Steiner
Untitled, 1976
Australia No. 9
Richard Stankiewicz
Australia No. 9, 1969
Wallflower: Blue Cloud
Ann Sperry
Wallflower: Blue Cloud, 1980
river light
Kiki Smith
river light, 2019
hudson river
Kiki Smith
hudson river, 2020
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