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<em>Sculptors at Storm King</em> Film, 1992
Storm Kings's Bruce Bassett Moving Image and Sound Archive contains materials from art documentation projects conducted by Bassett. Projects include original footage and recordings from the making of Sculptors at Storm King (1992, 2003) and Two Men at Storm King (2005), as well as interviews with sculptors and those associated with the founding and development of the Art Center.
David Smith at his studio in Bolton Landing, NY, photographed by Dan Budnik, 1967
Dan Budnik's photographs document sculptor David Smith's work at his studio in Bolton Landing, NY
Architectural drawings created for the Vermont Hatch Mansion in New Windsor, NY, by architect Maxwell Kimball. In 1960, this French Normandy-inspired chateau opened as Storm King Art Center's Museum Building.

These photographs document the construction of the Vermont Hatch mansion by architect Maxwell Kimball in New Windsor, NY, circa 1935. In 1960, this French Normandy-inspired chateau opened as Storm King Art Center's Museum Building.
David Reading About Himself
Gouache on Paper
7 ½” x 5 ½”
Gift of Mrs. Ralph E. Ogden
This series of small paintings by artist Dorothy Dehner depicts the rural life she shared with sculptor David Smith in Bolton Landing, NY.

D.D. and cat “Bohack” at farm
Taken by: D.S.
Date: 1931
Formats: 4x5 b/w negative, 5x7 b/w print mounted, 5x7 b/w print (2)
These photographs given to the museum by artist Dorothy Dehner document her early years with sculptor David Smith and the development of their Bolton Landing, NY, property.

Photo of sculpture Star Cage, hand-annotated by David Smith, dated April 15, 1951
This collection of correspondence between art editor Belle Krasne Ribicoff and sculptor David Smith and his wife Jean Freas, includes handwritten letters, postcards, photographs, and other ephemera.

David Smith Notebook, title page, April 1954
This collection of David Smith material was gathered by Gloria Gil. It includes a Smith drawing from his 1954-1964 notebook, additional leaves of the notebook with accompanying ephemera, and Gil's personal commentary.

David Smith’s sculpture Personage of May, Bolton Landing
Taken By: Ralph E. Ogden
Date: c.1966
Formats: Polaroid 3 ½ x 4 ¼ color
This collection includes Polaroid photographs and notes taken by Ralph E. Ogden during his visits to David Smith's studio in Bolton Landing, NY, between 1966 and 1967. Ogden's purchase of 13 Smith sculptures launched Storm King Art Center's focus as an outdoor sculpture center.

This collection charts the development of Storm King Art Center's landscape and architectural history through the drawings generated by William and Joyce Rutherford. Spanning over 40 years, their contributions influenced the central Museum Building, artwork placement, architectural structures, roadways, and large-scale landscape planning for the Art Center's 500-acre campus.