Lynda Benglis
Nu, 1974
Harry Bertoia
Beryllium, 1967
Fishes (Fiche)
Klaus Blackmund
Fishes (Fiche), 1964
Ronald Bladen
Untitled (Three Elements), 1965 (Fabricated 1966–67)
Helaine Blumenfeld
Dependence, 1974
Willard Boepple
Untitled, n.d.
A Moment in Time
Chakaia Booker
A Moment in Time, 2004
Number Seventy-Two (The No March)
Louise Bourgeois
Number Seventy-Two (The No March), 1972
Louise Bourgeois
Eyes, 2001
Manuel Bromberg
Catskill, 1968
Permanent Field Observations
David Brooks
Permanent Field Observations, 2018
Thom Brown
Flight, 1969
Daniel Buren
Sit Down, 1998 (refabricated 2010)
Black Flag
Alexander Calder
Black Flag, 1974
Alexander Calder
Five Swords, 1976
The Arch
Alexander Calder
The Arch, 1975
Alexander Calder
Tripes, 1974
Jerusalem Stabile II
Alexander Calder
Jerusalem Stabile II
Kenneth Capps
Strike, 1972
Kenneth Capps
Boundry, 1972
Anthony Caro
Reel, 1964
Bitter Sky
Anthony Caro
Bitter Sky, 1983
Untitled (Bees Making Honey)
Peter Coffin
Untitled (Bees Making Honey), 2012
Victor Contreras
Infinite Flight, 1995
Cosmic Mirror (The Sky Over New York)
Beatriz Cortez
Cosmic Mirror (The Sky Over New York), 2022, reconfigured 2023
Ilopango, the Volcano that Left
Beatriz Cortez
Ilopango, the Volcano that Left, 2023
George Cutts
Sea Change, 1996
Dorothy Dehner
Cenotaph #4, 1972
Tony DeLap
Martinka, 1968
Young Girl Walking
Louis Derbré
Young Girl Walking, 1962
Head of a Girl
Louis Derbré
Head of a Girl, 1962
The Memory Box
Mark Dion
The Memory Box, 2016
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