Light & Landscape

May 12 – November 11, 2012

  • Light & Landscape, Storm King Art Center, May 12 – November 11, 2012, exhibition catalogue

Light and Landscape features work by fourteen artists who use natural light as an essential artistic material, much as they would use marble, paint, or wood. They take inspiration from the sun, moon, and stars; from lightning and fire. Their works highlight not only the visual experience of natural light, but also its vast impact on our daily lives and ecosystem. Fugitive by nature, the light harnessed here — by, among others, Anish Kapoor, Tobias Putrih, and Alyson Shotz — changes throughout the day and during the course of the exhibition season. Other artists take a conceptual approach to natural light, translating its energy into other forms; the light is their point of departure. Spencer Finch’s Lunar uses solar energy to power a lunar module; the confetti released from Katie Paterson’s miniature cannon is matched to the colors of gamma-ray bursts. Projects by Peter Coffin and Diana Thater assess the effect of sunlight on animal life. Coffin’s Untitled (Bees Making Honey) comprises tours of an apiary at the outskirts of Storm King’s property; Thater’s Composite Sun is inspired by her work on behalf of dolphins.

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