Complex Visions: Sculpture and Drawings by Alice Aycock

May 21 – October 31, 1990

  • Complex Visions: Sculpture and Drawings by Alice Aycock, May 21 - October 31, 1990, exhibition catalogue cover

This year Storm King Art Center celebrates its thirtieth year. To commemorate this very special anniversary, the Board of Trustees and staff are delighted to present Complex Visions: Sculpture and Drawings by Alice Aycock. This exhibition is an important overview of the artist's key works, spanning nearly twenty years from Aycock's mythic architectural scenarios and mixed-media installations to her recent complex models of the universe.

Alice Aycock is a sculptor of singular imagination, a pivotal figure in the field of contemporary art. Her major thirty-two-foot-high outdoor work, Three-Fold Manifestation II, was a 1987 gift from the artist to the Art Center's permanent collection. This sculpture and other works in the exhibition, including three additional large-scale outdoor installations, are compelling examples of Aycock's continuing exploration of science, ideology, and the human mind. Her fascination with enigmatic cultural systems-- of thought, belief, and technology--is translated into sculpture and drawings that are visually and physically complex, multi-referential, and open to interpretation.
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Alice Aycock

Three-Fold Manifestation II, 1987 (refabricated 2006)