Twentieth-Century Sculpture: Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

May 19 – October 31, 1984

A selection of modern sculpture from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"When I first asked William Lieberman if it would be possible for a selection of works from the collection of 20th century sculpture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to be exhibited at the Storm King Art Center, I was delighted by his gracious and enthusiastic response. It has been a privilege for David Collens and me to work with William Lieberman, Lowery Sims and Ida Baloul to prepare this exhibition, and we appreciate their thoughtful and energetic cooperation. The great diversity of form and material so characteristic of our century is splendidly evident in these works from the Metropolitan. Storm King welcomes this special opportunity to display them."

- Cynthia Hazen Polsky
  Vice President, Storm King Art Center
  Visiting Committee, Department of 20th Century Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"It has been a pleasure to respond to the invitation of the Storm King Art Center to show a selection of modern sculpture from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The selection has been a collaboration, and I wish to thank Cynthia Polsky, David Collens, Lowery Simes and Ida Balboul for their dedication in realizing this project.

The selection consists of carved, modelled and cast works of sculpture by 34 artists, and includes both indoor and outdoor pieces. Some works are static, some move. They encompass a wide variety of media including stone, wood, metal, plaster, styrofoam, fiberglass,and resin. They also encompass a wide variety of contemporary modes of expression from realism to abstraction.

The exhibition is not large, and in the selection American artists predominate. It is, however, the first occasion on which any of the Museum's varied holdings of modern sculpture have been see together. In date, the works chosen range from 1908 to 1983."

- William S. Lieberman
 Chairman, Department of 20th Century Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art