Deborah Masters, Travellers and Big Head (Tomashi)

May 23 – November 15, 2007

Storm King has commissioned two works from figurative sculptor Deborah Masters, to be installed at the Art Center for the 2007 season. The monumental sculpturesTravelers, comprising three figures, and Tomashi, a single female headwill be sited near the museum building.

Deborah Masters' powerful, large-scale figures are cast in concrete from a rubber mold that was taken off a clay figure that had been modeled on a steel armature. Travelers portrays a family appearing to walk up the hill: a woman carrying an infant, household items, books, and clothing; a man holding a lamb; and a teenage girl with a fish and a bird. Ms. Masters drew inspiration for the work from images of refugees who have fled natural disasters and political persecution. Tomashi, a single seven-foot-tall female head located on a wooded hillside, will gaze to the east.