Richard Bellamy and Mark di Suvero

June 8 – November 13, 2005
June 7 – November 15, 2006

  • Richard Bellamy and Mark di Suvero, June 8-November 13, 2005; June 7-November 15, 2006, exhibition catalogue, cover

From 1975 until his death in 1998, Richard Bellamy, a legendary art dealer and close friend of di Suvero, created what amounts to a personal photographic narrative of di Suvero's work, taking pictures not only of finished sculptures installed at Storm King and at various locations in Europe, but also of the artist at work in his three studios and of the di Suvero team as it worked on installations around the world.

Bellamy's photographs are on view in Storm King's museum building, where they will be displayed to best illuminate his vision. One gallery, for example, focuses on sculpture in landscape, and will reveal his deep understanding of color, as seen in such details as the juxtaposition of an orange-colored sculpture against a blue sky. Another gallery will feature photographs taken in European cities, including Venice and Paris; these explore the relationship of sculpture to architecture. Seven small-scale di Suvero sculptures will also be installed in the museum building, offering viewers the unique opportunity to see Bellamy's photographs in close proximity to work that he himself felt passionate about. Seven drawings by di Suvero that relate to specific sculptures in the Storm King collection will also be on view. Outdoors, on the patio and the lawn near the museum building, six sculptures by di Suvero are installed against the backdrop of the Hudson Highlands. Storm King's di Suvero fields are enhanced by several large-scale sculptures that have never or only rarely been on public exhibition.

By bringing together Bellamy's photographs and di Suvero's work, Richard Bellamy and Mark di Suvero aims not only to offer visitors a glimpse of the close working relationship between two important figures in the history of modern art, but also to reveal new ways of viewing both early and recent work by di Suvero.


Mark di Suvero

For Chris, 1991

Frog Legs

Mark di Suvero

Frog Legs, 2002

Mark di Suvero

Mahatma, 1978–79