Andy Goldsworthy at Storm King Art Center

May 22 – November 15, 2000

  • Andy Goldsworthy at Storm King Art Center, May 22- November 15, 2000, brochure cover

Andy Goldsworthy at Storm King Art Center has developed from three years of the artist's experiences in the Art Center's landscape. The central work created during that time is a monumental commissioned sculpture, Storm King Wall: a serpentine dry wall, 2,278 feet long, made of 1,579 tons of field stones. Incorporating the remains of a fallen-down farm wall that Goldsworthy discovered on the site, the sculpture crosses over old farm roads, snakes around maple and oak trees, plunges into a pond---and then seems to re-remerge on the pond's opposite bank, to continue across a field to the New York State Thruway.

The artist's proposal drawings for Storm King Wall---as well as his photographs of ephemeral works created over the past the years at the Art Center---will mingle in the exhibition with new, site-specific work created in and around the museum building.

Storm King Wall

Andy Goldsworthy

Storm King Wall, 1997–98