Mark di Suvero

May 13 – November 15, 1995
April 1 – November 15, 1996

  • Mark di Suvero at Storm King Art Center, May 13 – November 15, 1995, April 1 – November 15, 1996, exhibition catalogue

Mark di Suvero features fifteen works dating from the past decade. The five largest sculptures, of monumental proportions, are displayed in a new twenty-acre field especially prepared for them that features broad walking paths and sculpture platforms. For more than twenty years the work of Mark di Suvero has been a formidable presence at Storm King Art Center. The linear elements of Mon Père, Mon Père and Mother Peace are now juxtaposed against the more complex pieces of the past ten years. The forms of these latest works, which incorporate large found objects like stainless-steel dairy-farm tanks and steam shovels, loom skyward.


Mark di Suvero

For Chris, 1991