On view

American, 1951
Together: Rapunzel, 2020-2024
Glazed ceramic, powder-coated steel
39 x 17 x 17 in. (99.1 x 43.2 x 43.2 cm)
Courtesy of the Artist and Pace Gallery
Photo by David Schulze
Together: Rapunzel—which shares its name with the monumental work it inspired outdoors—folds over and off its leggy steel base, suggesting both a sense of precarious weight and delicate balance. Shechet has noted that her ceramic works must be made hollow, as trapped air risks exploding in the high heat of a kiln. The artist has embraced this need for open forms, leaning into the limitation and allowing the necessities of the material to become a partner in her creativity. In the outdoor works—constructed from monumental sheets of metal—the viewer can see an echo of these open ceramic forms, translated into a completely different material and scale. The flat planes of aluminum imply volume, but do not hold it as the ceramics do, yet both the ceramic and metal works feel distinctly open and handmade. 

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