American, b. 1941
Brick Sculpture for Storm King Art Center (Nine Segments), 2021
Graphite on vellum
30 in. high (76.2 cm)
© Martin Puryear, courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery
Photo by Jeffrey Jenkins
Two drawings from different stages in the design process demonstrate the refining of Lookout’s engineering from thirteen segments of brick to nine. Set at a series of gradually increasing angles, the segments of brick in Puryear’s Storm King commission allow the form to transition from a masonry arch into a dome. The team of masons began its work at the arch, laid over a wooden formwork, creating it as a line of bricks perpendicular to the ground. To end each section and begin anew, the team made angle cuts through bricks they had already laid, creating a new angle for the following segment of coursed brick. When the work reached the ninth segment, the bricks courses were laid horizontally, forming a dome.