North South East West
Lynda Benglis
North South East West, 1988/2009/2014–15
Willard Boepple
Untitled, n.d.
Stephen Porter
Untitled, n.d.
Untitled, n.d.
Lyman Kipp
Untitled, n.d.
Sarah Sze
Fallen Sky, 2021
A Lady (The Duchess)
Ethel Myers
A Lady (The Duchess), 1919
Saul Baizerman
Aphrodite, CA. 1940–48
Herbert Ferber
Untitled, 1947
Fritz Wotruba
Standing Figure (Stehende), 1948
Fritz Wotruba
Man Walking, 1952
Sue Fuller
String Composition #49, 1953/1960
Horse and Rider (Uomo à Cavallo)
Luciano Minguzzi
Horse and Rider (Uomo à Cavallo), 1954–57
David Smith
The Iron Woman, 1954–58
David Smith
The Sitting Printer, 1954–55
Portrait of a Lady Painter
David Smith
Portrait of a Lady Painter, 1954/1956–57
Tall Bather No. 1
Emilio Greco
Tall Bather No. 1, 1956
David Smith
Five Units Equal, 1956
Barbara Hepworth
Forms in Movement (Pavan), 1956 (cast 1967)
Giacomo Manzù
Ice Skater, 1957
Bas Relief (Bassorilievo)
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Bas Relief (Bassorilievo), 1957
Study in Arcs
David Smith
Study in Arcs, 1957
David Smith
Personage of May, 1957
Eduardo Paolozzi
Icarus (Second version), 1957
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Bas Relief (Bassorilievo), 1957–58
Sky Chapel No. 1
Louise Nevelson
Sky Chapel No. 1, 1958-59
Kosta Alex
Man with a Hat, #7, 1958
Elisabeth Gordon
Diana of the Hunt, 1959
Barbe au Menton
Jean Dubuffet
Barbe au Menton, 1959–60
Albany I
David Smith
Albany I, 1959
XI Books III Apples
David Smith
XI Books III Apples, 1959
David Smith
Raven V, 1959
Hans Schleeh
The Family, 1959
Louise Nevelson
Royal Tide I, 1960
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