Permanent Field Observations
David Brooks
Permanent Field Observations, 2018
Bureau of Censorship
Mark Dion
Bureau of Censorship, 1996/2019
Mark Dion
Grotto of the Sleeping Bear, 1997/2019
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo), 2008/2019
Hunting Blind (The Glutton)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Glutton), 2008/2019
The Dark Museum
Mark Dion
The Dark Museum, 2011/2019
Wangechi Mutu
Creaturas, 2018-19
Maquette for Lookout
Martin Puryear
Maquette for Lookout, 2018
the sun
Ugo Rondinone
the sun, 2018
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities
Mark Dion, Dana Sherwood
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities , 2008/2019
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