On View:
North South East West
Lynda Benglis
North South East West, 1988/2009/2014–15
Sarah Sze
Fallen Sky, 2021
Fritz Wotruba
Man Walking, 1952
David Smith
The Sitting Printer, 1954–55
Portrait of a Lady Painter
David Smith
Portrait of a Lady Painter, 1954/1956–57
Barbara Hepworth
Forms in Movement (Pavan), 1956 (cast 1967)
Study in Arcs
David Smith
Study in Arcs, 1957
David Smith
Personage of May, 1957
XI Books III Apples
David Smith
XI Books III Apples, 1959
Karl Pfann
Trinity, 1960
David Smith
Three Ovals Soar, 1960
Alfred Hrdlicka
Golgatha, 1963
David Smith
Volton XX, 1963
Barbara Hepworth
Square Forms with Circles, 1963
Les Yeux du Ciel (Eyes of the Sky)
Yerassimos Sklavos
Les Yeux du Ciel (Eyes of the Sky), 1964
David Smith
Becca, 1964
Reclining Man (Liegender Mann)
Josef Pillhofer
Reclining Man (Liegender Mann), 1964
David Smith
Cubi XXI, 1964
Six Lines in a T
George Rickey
Six Lines in a T, 1966–79
Adolph Gottlieb
Petaloid, 1967–68
Manuel Bromberg
Catskill, 1968
Tal Streeter
Endless Column, 1968
Henry Moore
Reclining Connected Forms, 1969
Mark di Suvero
Mother Peace, 1969–70
Robert Grosvenor
Untitled, 1970
Alexander Liberman
Adam, 1970
Alexander Liberman
Adonai, 1970–71 (refabricated 2000)
Sol LeWitt
Five Modular Units, 1971 (refabricated 2008)
David von Schlegell
Untitled, 1972
David Stoltz
Day Game, 1972
Mark di Suvero
Mon Père, Mon Père, 1973–75
Grace Knowlton
Spheres, 1973–75/1985
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