Cenotaph #4
Dorothy Dehner
Cenotaph #4, 1972
Joseph Konzal
Champion, 1965
Arthur Gibbons
Cheese, 1978
Bruno Groth
Chicken, 1966
City on the High Mountain
Louise Nevelson
City on the High Mountain, 1983
Jim Huntington
Clover’s Column, 1976
Collage Sculpture
Yehiel Shemi
Collage Sculpture, 1973
Fritz Koenig
Column-Caryatid, 1965
Anthony Padovano
Composition, 1962
Mia Westerlund Roosen
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work II, 1980
Mia Westerlund Roosen
Concrete and Lead Series-Small Work III, 1980
Joseph Kurhajec
Cone, 1973
Mark Dion, Dana Sherwood
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities , 2008/2019
Elbert Weinberg
Creation of Eve No. 3, 1966
Veronica van Eyck
Crucifixion, 1962
Cubi XXI (2)
David Smith
Cubi XXI, 1964
Day Game
David Stoltz
Day Game, 1972
Helaine Blumenfeld
Dependence, 1974
Elisabeth Gordon
Diana of the Hunt, 1959
Diminishing Reflection XXV
Louise Nevelson
Diminishing Reflection XXV, 1966
Bruno Groth
Duck, 1966
Charles Simonds
Dwellings, 1981
Charles Simonds
Dwellings, 1981
Hans Schleeh
Dying Swan, 1965
Tomio Miki
Ear, 1965
Easter Island Head
Easter Island Head, (reproduction) 1970
Eight Positive Trees
Menashe Kadishman
Eight Positive Trees, 1977
Mark di Suvero
E=MC2, 1996-97
Endless Column
Tal Streeter
Endless Column, 1968
Gilbert Hawkins
Ex, 1971 (Refabricated 2020)
Expansive Construction
Richard Hunt
Expansive Construction, 1974
Herbert Ferber
Extremis I, 1947
Louise Bourgeois
Eyes, 2001
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