Alice Aycock
Three-Fold Manifestation II, 1987 (refabricated 2006)
A Moment in Time
Chakaia Booker
A Moment in Time, 2004
Louise Bourgeois
Eyes, 2001
Hunting Blind (The Glutton)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Glutton), 2008/2019
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo), 2008/2019
Mark Dion
Grotto of the Sleeping Bear, 1997/2019
Bureau of Censorship
Mark Dion
Bureau of Censorship, 1996/2019
Mark di Suvero
Figolu, 2005–11
Neruda’s Gate
Mark di Suvero
Neruda’s Gate, 2005
Frog Legs
Mark di Suvero
Frog Legs, 2002
Three Legged Buddha
Zhang Huan
Three Legged Buddha, 2007
Zhang Huan
Three Legged Buddha, 2006 (original model)
Sol LeWitt
Five Modular Units, 1971 (refabricated 2008)
Alexander Liberman
Adonai, 1970–71 (refabricated 2000)
Storm King Wavefield
Maya Lin
Storm King Wavefield, 2007–08
Architectural Cactus #6
Dennis Oppenheim
Architectural Cactus #6, 2008
Maquette for Guardian Stone
Martin Puryear
Maquette for Guardian Stone, 2002
Ursula von Rydingsvard
For Paul, 1990–92/2001
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Luba, 2009–10
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities
Mark Dion, Dana Sherwood
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities , 2008/2019
Alyson Shotz
Mirror Fence, 2003 (refabricated 2014)
Nickel Couch
Johnny Swing
Nickel Couch, 2001
Butterfly Chair
Johnny Swing
Butterfly Chair, 2002
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