The Memory Box
Mark Dion
The Memory Box, 2016
Hunting Blind (The Glutton)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Glutton), 2008/2019
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo)
Mark Dion
Hunting Blind (The Dandy Rococo), 2008/2019
The Dark Museum
Mark Dion
The Dark Museum, 2011/2019
Mark Dion
Grotto of the Sleeping Bear, 1997/2019
Bureau of Censorship
Mark Dion
Bureau of Censorship, 1996/2019
Mark Dion
Brontosaurus, 2016
Maquette for Connecting
Martin Puryear
Maquette for Connecting, 2016
Paving Pattern for Connecting
Martin Puryear
Paving Pattern for Connecting, c. 2016
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities
Mark Dion, Dana Sherwood
Conservatory for Confectionery Curiosities , 2008/2019
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