On view

American, born Pakistan, b. 1962
The Orientalist, 2007
41 x 33 x 70 in. (104.1 x 83.8 x 177.8 cm)
Klondike Resources, Inc. Courtesy of Sherry and Joel Mallin
Photo by Jerry L. Thompson
This bronze sculpture reveals much of the process of its own making; the featured figure sits on a throne created from a discarded upholstered chair that Bhabha salvaged, and has a long, pointed beard reminiscent of an Egyptian king. Parts of the figure and its support are clearly created from cast Styrofoam, scratched and deeply worked; other parts of the figure, such as its arms and hands, are intimately worked areas that were cast from clay; it wears a veil of cast-bronze chicken wire. The Orientalist, an important and prominent work for Bhabha (created within the first few years in which she gained notoriety as an artist), is the first work by the Pakistan-born, Poughkeepsie-based artist to be on view at Storm King.